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Unleash the true potential of your garden with GardenEZ kit 2.0 – a gardening revolution like no other! Embrace the art of relaxation as our automatic drip irrigation system nurtures your plants while the premium weed mat and patent-pending planters effortlessly banish pesky weeds. Unleash your inner green thumb and savor the moments of pure bliss while YOU ONLY NEED TO VISIT YOUR GARDEN TO ENJOY THE BOUNTIFUL HARVEST.

Redefining how you experience your garden's beauty!

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Our GardenEZ kit 2.0 is now equipped with an automatic irrigation system

In today's garden, large amounts of water are used to irrigate empty areas around the plants, resulting in water wastage. This also facilitates weed growth – the infamous robber of the gardening world. Weed robs nutrients and water from nearby plants. If it grows out of proportion, it can also steal sunlight by shading the plants. As if that isn’t enough, some weeds also release chemicals that can hinder the growth of nearby plants.

But don’t worry! GardenEZ brings a maintenance-free mini gardening kit, which is also affordable for homeowners. Our weed-free gardening kit features a drip irrigation system that waters the root zone of the plants at scheduled intervals. And if you want to take a much-needed break from the hassle of gardening, you can vacation peacefully without worrying about plants to care for at home. The automatic feature will schedule watering so no more dragging water hoses. Our kit will keep your garden up and thriving with the right amount of water to prevent over or underwatering. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a soothing view of a healthy garden from your patio.

The Unique aspect of the GardenEZ kit 2.0 is the open-bottom planters. This device acts as a vertical barrier, blocking weed seeds from the wind and preventing weed growth. In addition, this device also conserves water and allows the retention of water and nutrients near the roots.

With this mini garden kit, we have revolutionized the way gardening works. Keeping in mind your pain points in everyday gardening, we guarantee a relaxed and stress-free gardening experience for you. On top of that, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase this low-stress gardening kit. It’s cost-savvy and trusted by over 10K customers.

So what are you waiting for? Redefine your garden’s beauty with this cost-saving gardening kit. Get in touch with GardenEZ to order our state-of-the-art device today!

  • Conserves water and nutrients
  • Focused feeding to the roots
  • Automatic scheduled watering
  • Suitable on any landscape
  • Weather friendly, works with any season
  • No Weeding

Just 4 steps!

Installing the kit is simple and easy! We designed it in collaboration with many gardening enthusiasts to come up with the best and most easiest solution.

  • Prepare the planting site
    Step 1. Prepare the planting site
  • Installation of weed mat and the planters
    Step 2. Installation of weed mat and the planters
  • Assembly and installation of the drip irrigation system
    Step 3. Assembly and installation of the drip irrigation system
  • Planting the plants
    Step 4. Planting the plants

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to remove the GardenEZ kit from the ground every season or year for replanting?

No. Place the garden EZ kit in a suitable area depending on the plants to grow and leave it there for many seasons or years.

Will the kit spoil if removed from one site and moved to another site?

Once installed, it is better to leave the mat and planters in the same place. Drip irrigation system can be reused.

What if you want to grow more than 9 plants?

It is easy. An extension kit can be purchased which will allow to grow additional 9 plants.

Can we leave the planter holes exposed without using a planter?

No. If the planters are not in place then weeds will grow in the area and might spread to other areas as well. Do not water the empty planters.

Can GardenEZ kit be placed in a weedy area?

It is not advisable. The surrounding area (at least 3 feet) should be clean without weeds. If there are weeds around, the seeds from these weeds can access the planters and grow.

How to water the plants growing in planters of the GardenEZ kit?

Water only inside the planters. To conserve water avoid watering outside the planters. The drip irrigation system just does that.

Can the drip irrigation system in the GardenEZ kit be used without a timer?

Yes. It can be connected directly to the garden hose but has to be shut off and on manually.

Are fertilizers needed to grow plants in the GardenEZ kit?

If the soil is fertile no need to use additional chemical fertilizers. Organic manures can be added at the time of preparing the site. If not 1-2 grams of NPK (Nitrogen, phosphorus, Potassium) per planter can be used once a month during the growing season.

How to remove the summer plants from the planters?

Easy. Once the growth is done just pull out the plant. It should easily come out.

Why do the plants come out easily from the planters?

Since the water and nutrients are directly provided to the root system, it need not grow deep. The plants utilize this extra energy to produce robust shoot system and produces excellent yield.

What should be done for replanting fall bulbs after the summer plants?

Easy. Pull out the summer plants. Remove the old soil from the planters. Place the bulb and fill the planters with fresh potting soil.

After the fall flowering season how to plant the summer flowers?

Easy. Pull out the fall plants with the bulb. Store the bulb for next year planting. Remove the old soil from the planters. Plant the summer plant seedling and add fresh soil.

Can seeds be sown directly into the planters?

Yes. It depends on the plants. Ideally plants grown in a seedling tray can be easily transferred into the planters.

Can perennials be grown in GardenEZ kit?

Absolutely. Small flowering and foliage plants can be easily grown. Care must be taken to maintain the size of the plant.

Is mulch needed to cover the weed mat after planting?

It is not a must. But it improves the aesthetic value, maintain moisture well and increases the life of the weed mat.

You're in the right place

I purchased several GardenEZ kits 2 years ago. I do not have a green thumb and I despise weeding, but there is nothing better than just picked veggies or preparing a salad straight from your own garden. The kit is so easy-peasy to install. After installing, I plant my plants with the special plant food included in the kit. Besides watering the plants, there is NO MAINTENANCE. The kit works! Each summer, we enjoy eating the veggies we grow. Our kids love the veggies too, so there has been an unexpected bonus of feeling like a great mom! I am purchasing some additional kits, because I want to expand my vegetable garden, and use GardenEZ for a flower garden next spring. I noticed that they have upgraded their system to include a drip irrigation! I am so psyched. Now I won't have to weed or water the plants! I think I'll replace my original GardenEZ kits with the self-watering version. (P.S. Another bonus… it's so nice to come home from summer vacay and not find a jungle in your vegetable garden).

- KSok

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