GardenEZ® Kit 2.0

4.95 out of 5

Most of us love to have a nice garden, but maintaining it can be expensive and time-consuming. Wouldn't it be nice if someone did all that work while you sit back and relax? That is exactly what our water-saving gardening kit does. Install once and it will do the rest all season and year after year. Just replace the plants and enjoy!

You can complete the installation process in 4 actionable and easy steps. First, prepare the site, followed by the installation of the planters and weed mat. Next, assemble and install an irrigation system. Finally, plant your plants, and voila! You’re done.

This kit is a game-changer, a superhero when it comes to gardening. It will help conserve water for water-scarce areas - save 70% of the water used in traditional watering methods. Our garden drip irrigation kit serves as a personal hydration expert for your garden. Once installed, you can say goodbye to wasteful spraying. The cherry on top is the automatic watering system, which ensures that your plants are watered at the perfect times – just when they need it. This smart cookie is precise in delivering just the right amount of water.

Not only is this gardening kit water-saving, but it doesn’t require annual reinstallation. You can install it once in your planting area and forget about it for years to come.

Setting up a garden drip irrigation kit can be a great educational, imaginative, and fun project for young children and families. It’s like solving a puzzle together. Since the kit is kid-safe, your little ones can also join in assembling and installing the system. Show your kids how the little parts connect, fit together, and water the plants. This can be a learning opportunity for kids to understand the importance of water conservation and how plants drink up water.

For seniors, GardenEZ helps to maintain the beauty of a personal garden of flowers and vegetables while limiting physical labor and back-breaking work.

For busy individuals, allow your garden to grow without worrying about a watering or weeding schedule.


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Product Info

Weed mat: one 15.5 sq ft with 9 preformed holes for planters (material HDPE) Black UV resistant.

Open bottom Planters: 9 planters 2½” height and 5” diameter. Material HDPE color Terracotta and UV resistant

Garden watering system/drip irrigation kit: Full system to irrigate 9 plants
Optional Bluetooth timer: For scheduled watering
Hose connector (A) Brass with washer and clampx1
16 mm tubes (B) 3 Main line and 9 Sub line tubesx12
Pre-asssembled 63/5mm soft pipes with dripper and double barb connector (C)x9
T-joint (D)x2
Elbow-joint (E)x1
Straight Connector (F)x6
End plugs (G)x3
Multiple support (H)x9
Holddown support (I)x36
Punch for on-line dripper (J)x1
Teflon tape (K)x1
Optional timer


Step 1. Prepare the planting site: Till the soil, remove any stones or roots and create a flat surface.

Step 2. Installation of weed mat and the planters: Place the weed mat on the prepared site. Place all the planters on the precut holes and pin them to the weed mat with holddown support.

Step 3. Assembly and installation of the drip irrigation system: Assemble the drip irrigation system in a different place, as shown in the diagram. The connectors are lock coupling type which is easy to install. Once assembled, place the drip irrigation system on the weed mat with the drippers fixed on multiple supports in the planters. Connect to the garden hose and timer and start the water. Check for leaks. Note: Detailed assembly instructions are included in the kit.

Step 4. Planting the plants: Place the plant in the middle of the planter and add fresh potting soil up to the collar of the planter. Connect to the garden hose. Program the water schedule and you are done. Watch your plants taken care off by the GardenEZ kit 2.0 and enjoy your plants growing a weed free life!

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